In a recent development that could change the way the world looks at housing, El Salvador is looking to print 3D homes to support its community. New Story, a non-profit that is aiming to create a world in which no one has to live without a roof over their head, is raising over $1 million to try and bring over 100 3D printed homes to El Salvador. If all goes according to plan, these homes would be in the community of El Salvador within the next 2 years.

New Story’s first 3D home was revealed recently when it showed off its first model at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. A startup called ICON was in charge of physically constructing the house with the Vulcan, its own 3D printer. In time, the houses should take about 12-24 hours in total to build. The average cost of making the houses has ranged around $6,000 currently. The layout of the home included three rooms, which were a bedroom, living room, and another small room. On top of that, the house also had a bathroom. To say this is an amazing feat would be undercutting the achievement. The idea of solving homelessness and housing in countries that have been hit by disaster is something that should not be looked at lightly. What is even more incredible is that New Story has been on record as saying that their 3D houses are stronger than normal concrete homes.

This story is one that will be watched closely as it is a long project. It is frankly amazing that a company has come up with the idea of helping the world in such a positive way with something so groundbreaking. 3D printing is fairly new in the grand scheme of technology, so making houses out of it is really astonishing. It’s ideas like this that are truly helping to make the world a better place.

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