Today we continue the journey to your personal greatness, prosperity, and success. If you succeed as an individual, your family will succeed. Successful families build successful communities. Together, we will change our communities and our nation. Let continue:

FUNDAMENTAL #6: Develop Success Values and Beliefs

Values and beliefs are very critical in determining your success and progress in life. Values shape your personality and define your conduct. They create boundaries on what you will allow and not allow yourself to do in pursuit of your dreams and goals. Beliefs determine what you allow your mind to act on or refrain from. A well-selected set of values and beliefs is extremely crucial in your pursuit of success and progress.

Values drive you towards certain actions and hold you back from taking others. If for example, integrity is one of your core values, it will define your conduct and character. As much as you might set a goal to succeed financially, stealing, bribery and ‘cash-gating’ will not form part of your wealth acquisition strategy. If teamwork is one of your chosen values, you will focus on developing healthy working relationships with people. If you select risk-taking as one of your core values, you will not be afraid to try out new things or new strategies in executing your plans.

Your chosen beliefs will shape your thinking, conduct and ultimately, your destiny. If you believe that “I cannot get rich”, you will not, because your belief will manifest in your actions. With such a negative belief, you will continue to struggle financially. However, if you believe that there is enough money for everyone who desires it and is willing to work hard to get it, you will succeed financially as your beliefs will shape your thoughts and actions.

If you believe that “everything is possible to him who believes”, you will tackle challenges that others are afraid to tackle and you will succeed. In my own life, I have seen “miracles at work” because one of my beliefs is that “EVERYTHING is Possible to ME when I believe”. I also believe that “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me”. I also believe that I am an overcomer, failure is not my lot. I am ABLE, I am RICH, I am a NATURAL LEADER, I was pre-destined to RULE. I am WHAT God says I am.

ACTION POINT: Critically evaluate the values and beliefs that have shaped your life up to this point: Are you happy with what you have become and achieved? If not, what set of values and beliefs must shape your life from today onwards to enable you to achieve the vision and goals you have set for yourself? Please do this exercise within the next 24 hours. God Bless You.

Thanks for reading—join me here.