Today we begin the journey to your personal greatness, prosperity, and success. If you succeed as an individual, your family will succeed. Successful families build successful communities. Together, we will change our communities and our nation. Let us begin:

FUNDAMENTAL #1: Define Success; Set the Vision

You cannot achieve what you haven’t defined. You cannot reach a destination you have not set. You will never hit a target you haven’t identified. What will success mean to you in 2018 and beyond? Yes, your pastor might have declared that the Lord will make you prosper in 2018, that God will restore your life, or move you from “glory to glory” (maybe he has declared this prophecy over your life for the past ten years!). But have you seen your life progressing? Maybe you just folded your hands and did nothing.

Success must be clearly defined in your own terms based on your situation. My son set himself some clear success goals such as: “Be in the top five in class”, and he moved into a boarding school to work on his dream. I have set for myself specific things I must achieve, do, attain, give or contribute in 2018. They include: “Publish weekly motivational articles online, including this website”. Come December 2018, I will have ticked off that weekly online motivational articles were done.

What will it be for you? What will success look like? Is it passing an exam with a credit or distinction? Is it completing a degree course or a master’s program? Buying a piece of land for you to build your house? Is it finding a wife/husband; boyfriend/girlfriend? Is it changing jobs? Starting a business? Be very clear about what it is that you want to see accomplished in the next twelve months.

SET A CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION: This is long-term. Focus on this year but see beyond 2018. I propose that you should picture your life in the next 10 years. How should your life be in 2025? What achievements should be accredited to your life? What possessions must you own? What contributions should you have made to society? Imagine being introduced at a special event organized in your honour, what should the Master of Ceremony (MC) say to introduce you? What things should people say about your personal, spiritual, professional, social, financial and career/business accomplishments?

Write down the vision, make it plain on tablets or paper (Habakkuk 2:2-3). Print it, frame it and hang it somewhere you can see and read it every day. Never forget, without a vision, you will perish. Define success in your life; set a clear vision for your life, write it down. Do this within 48 hours of reading this post. God Bless You!

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