Long-standing thought-leader and blogger “The Crypto Curator” merges with currency news platform CryptoMarket360

Establishing a Comprehensive Bitcoin, Altcoin and digital currency knowledge base and curation platform

Florida, April 17, 2018 — CryptoMarket360.com and TheCryptoCurator.com announced today they are joining forces to create a unified cryptocurrency curation platform that is slated to release multiple products to address market demands, and aimed at helping subscribers develop a unique view of the world’s landscape through the lens of Crypto and Blockchain technology.

CM360 will consist of, but not limited to, a daily briefing (CM360B), designed for the busy person who needs a clean cut of the most impactful news of the day. The CM360 readers are those who desire a 360 degree look at the market each day.

A weekly recap (CM360R), designed for the casual reader that isn’t concerned with the daily action but still desires to be in the know.

A robust database (CM360D), designed for those who want to dig deeper and analyze, uncover trends, and find statistical information.

Live Reports (CM360L), designed to provide ongoing live updates on specific topics, companies, people, etc. Instead of getting a one time report which in the world of Crypto is dated the moment it is published, CM360 Live will be updated constantly.

It is our belief and we’ve received empirical validation from market leaders that this platform will be instrumental for those who are interested in the world of Crypto and Blockchain Technology.  CryptoMarket360 was created by Alan Percal, a credentialed actuary and WSOP champion, with a long history of entrepreneurship, and The Crypto Curator was created by Paul McNeal, who have been involved with Crypto since 2011, a former United States Navy Veteran, Serial Entrepreneur, and Young Entrepreneur Mentor.

Alan Percal, creator of CryptoMarket360, said, “I believe crypto currencies and related blockchain projects are still very much so in their infancy. I became involved with the crypto media sphere in order to boil down the oftentimes complex crypto news so that the everyday, non-technical person could stay informed. I’m excited to be partnering up with Paul to provide an even more robust platform in which we can deliver content to casual investors as well as high tech companies.”

Paul McNeal, creator of The Crypto Curator, said, “I spent nearly a decade providing curated news information to Fortune 500 C-Suite Executives and leaders on Capitol Hill, if there is one thing I learned is that you need to pay attention to the news because there is much you can monitor and discover to help you take action.”

The two have determined to remain with the CryptoMarket360 branding due to the brand awareness that exists in the current market.


CM360 : Email: paul@cryptomarket360.com or alan@cryptomarket360.com

Website: www.cryptomarket360.com