US and Niger soldiers were ambushed in a firefight in Niger while on an intelligence gathering conducting an intelligence mission. During the firefight, Sargent La David Johnson was one of the four American soldiers killed. President Trump sadly made the call to console Johnson’s widow.

In the car was Representative Frederica Wilson. Ms. Wilson “heard” the condolence call placed to the widow of Sergeant La David Johnson, a soldier killed recently in Niger. She was in the car. She described the way she perceived the content of the phone call, and naturally, her political agenda caused her to interpret the words spoken between the widow and the president in what has to be the most negative light possible.

As per routine, the mainstream media was quick to pounce, further politicizing an occurrence that should never, ever be brought into the dark depths of today’s political climate. This, however, should hardly come as a surprise, and today’s media climate seems to set no lower bounds.

What should also hardly come as a surprise is the morning-time response from President Trump. The president has always stood up to any criticism, and his response as expected disclaimed what Wilson said. This only gave the media more reason to discuss a story that should never have gone this far.

In a subject as sensitive as this, Wilson twisted the President’s words to come out in the most negative possible way which was not fair to the President. When words are subject to interpretation, anyone has the ability to interpret them in any light. Instead, Wilson and the ensuing media firestorm took what Trump did and used their platform as an attempt to further their own campaign’s against the President.

What Trump said on that call could have been interpreted as insensitive, and the accounts as we’ve heard it show that there were some comments that were “head-scratchers.” Instead, the media erupted, desensitizing the death of the Sergeant and the grief of the widow at the expense of trying to yet-again knock the President. No matter left or right, this seems to be a new low in what is yet another head-shaking political episode.