We’re now in November and the frenzy of consumerism and overindulgence is a rampant Temptress luring us into a dangerous playground where sins are the roundabouts and climbing frames. No, I’m not here to preach to you, just to point out a few things that may well make the end of your year a more pleasant one, as well as the coming year too. Let’s start by taking a look around and getting really clear on what the impact your actions today will have on you tomorrow; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Physical Dangers

Parties, drinks, dinners; invitations are pouring in…this is no biggie, it actually feels good to get invites. However, the Temptress will fuel your indulgence with ‘oh what the hell, it’s Christmas!” and before you know it, Gluttony has snuck in, with it’s wingman Pride, using peer pressure to hem you in.

Be mindful of your personal circumstances and your health achievements throughout the year…you’ve already worked so hard.

Mental Dangers

The stress brought on by family dinners, gift buying, financial worry, etc. for some us can lead to breakdowns and sometimes hospitalisation. Get your yoga, mediation, breathing exercises into a solid routine. They keep you focused and present, which helps to lower stress levels.

Self care during this time is of the utmost importance, set up a ritual for yourself that involves only you. As little as 10 minutes a day can truly make a difference.

Emotional Dangers

Comparison is a curse, and we’re all guilty of it. Envy and Greed will pair up here, because we all want the trimmings of the season; beautifully decorated homes, fancy gifts, happy families, sumptuous meals. The truth is, those things are not the norm for most people, it’s a media illusion perpetrated to hit your Greed button so you’ll part with more of your money to sooth your ego. Don’t let them get you!

Take this opportunity to remind yourself and teach the kids in your life about virtues such as kindness, charity, patience, gratitude and humility, to name but a few.

Wishing you the safest fun always.

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