Since times unknown humans have kept animals. Earlier on, they were a means of livelihood and a way to keep the families fed. However, things have now changed drastically. Animals are now kept not just as a means of livelihood but as companions, friends, and helpers. Either way, they deserve the same care and attention as any family member. Were you aware that you can get a pet insurance for your friend? I am sure that for some the answer is a resounding “Yes”, and for others an incredulous “No”. Even if you are aware of the term “Pet Insurance”, it is still good to know what to expect from your pet cover.

Is Pet Insurance Like Life Insurance?

Well! This is what most of us believe. But the truth is a little different. Well for once you are known as the pet “owner”. Hence, your pet is your property. And therefore, pet insurance is actually a type of property insurance.

What Pet Insurance Covers

Pet insurance provides:

  • Cover for veterinary expenses in case of illness or injury.
  • Cover for elective (neutering) and preventive (vaccinations) procedures.
  • Financial protection to the owner if the pet is stolen.
  • Third party protection to the walkers, sitters, groomers etc., of the pet.  

Is It Necessary To Invest In Pet Insurance?

Definitely! There should be no doubts about it. Just like you your pet too will fall ill and get hurt. If nothing else, the insurance will help you pay a part of the veterinary expenses. After all, your pet deserves the best possible care.

Types Of Pet Insurance

When it comes to pets, there are just two types of covers that are available.

  • Lifetime – This is like life insurance policy of the pet. It will cover all the conditions that your pet might suffer from during their life. Hence, if any condition reoccurs or requires further treatment, it shall be covered.
  • Non-lifetime – This too shall cover all the conditions that your pet might suffer from during their lifetime. However, on renewal, a condition that has already been claimed shall be barred even if it requires further treatment.

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