Ever fancied having a bottle of whisky that literally has your name on it?

The Clydeside Distillery in Glasgow has become the latest distillery to offer their guests personalized bottles of whisky. The distillery opened their doors to visitors last November and remains to be Glasgow’s newest visitor attraction.

Ahead of Mother’s Day in the U.K. on Sunday 11th March, they are now offering the opportunity for guests to purchase a bottle from their selected range and to have a handwritten label with a name and a message put on to the bottle.

Bridgeen Mullen, Visitor Center Manager, said: “A personalized bottle of whisky really is the perfect keepsake to remember your visit to The Clydeside Distillery. Our label your own bottle service adds another unique element to our visitor experience and is something to treasure.

“It’s fantastic to see whisky enjoying increasing popularity with a female audience and we believe a personalized bottle would be a great alternative gift this Mother’s Day.”

Other distilleries offer similar services.

Auchentoshan Distillery, near Glasgow, is just one distillery to offer guests the chance to bottle their own whisky straight from the cask. The guest is taken into the bonded warehouse where they open the selected cask, draw the single malt scotch with the use of a valinch and put it to the bottle, with or without filtering.  The cask details, ABV and bottle number are then handwritten on the label, so you never forget what’s in there.

For those that don’t have any plans to visit a distillery, some retailers are also on board with this phenomenon. For example, The Whisky Exchange offers a range of their bottles (and not just whisky) with the option of engraving the bottle or adding a personalized message.

So, the next time you buy a bottle for yourself or someone else, think, can this bottle of whisky get even better?

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Jennifer Hardy
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