Taking an Uber or Lyft to work is a normal practice for most Americans. In fact, ride-hailing has become so common that we don’t think twice before booking a cab anymore. No matter where you want to go, ridesharing is the most convenient means of transportation. Last week we talked about the driver’s insurance in Uber & Lyft. Hence, this week it has to be about the passenger insurance in a rideshare.

Passenger Insurance in Rideshare

Passenger Insurance

Uber and Lyft have a one million dollar risk protection cover or liability for every driver. This would cover any real damage and harm to the property of the driver, traveler and any other individual involved in the mishap. Nonetheless, it is best to remember that ridesharing is a relatively new concept. Therefore, the rules and regulations are still evolving. However, popular transportation network companies like Uber & Lyft are taking their job seriously and doing their bit.

How To File Claim

In order to file a claim, standard procedure needs to be followed.

  • Get all supporting documents in order. This would include DMV reports, police reports, surveillance tapes, your personal insurance policy etc. You need not run pillar to post in order to collect it all. A lawyer can do it on your behalf.
  • Ask your lawyer to send a letter to the rideshare company asking for the preservation of all the records relating to your fateful ride.


  • You can only make a claim if you were a rideshare passenger, physically present inside the rideshare car at the time of the mishap.
  • The claim can only be made to the rideshare company if the accident was the rideshare drivers fault.
  • If the fault was that of another driver third-party), the claim has to be presented to his insurance company.
  • Both Uber & Lyft have a $1 million underinsured motorist policy. You can try to make a claim under this head. But this coverage comes into effect only under extenuating circumstances.

Rideshare Insurance

As an informed travel who frequently takes an Uber or Lyft, you can also purchase rideshare insurance. This is still relatively new and not yet standardized.

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