Until the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is discovered, the concept that this entity may indeed be artificial intelligence should be heavily considered. Bitcoin, from one perspective, is the perfect incentive for us humans to help grow the Blockchain.

Mine data – be rewarded with money.

“Bitcoin is such a natural thing to pair with AI.” – Richard Craib, founder of Numerai, a data-based San Francisco hedge fund (source)

“Cryptocurrencies and machine learning are converging rapidly.” – Jeff Garzik, Bitcoin developer (source)

DARPA is Expanding the Blockchain Into Space

“Outer space is not oblivious to Blockchain, and neither is Blockchain oblivious to outer space. Quite the contrary, both of them are intrinsically connected in more ways than thought at first.” (source)

How are both space and the Blockchain more connected than we realize?

What are they building in space? Does it have to do with Elon Musk’s plan to create a satellite grid offering internet to the world? Is it connected to his new project Neuralink in which he plans to convert the human brain into a computer interface?

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“… while most folks hardly understand what a blockchain even is at this point, even fewer knew how Artificial Intelligence benefits from this.”

Gonzo Shimura, a brilliant researcher who hosts the YouTube channel: FaceLikeTheSun continues:

“A blockchain will operate more LIKE a human brain in that there will be a consensual distribution of information being provided by networks of nodes – in the world of blockchains – similar to synapses in your brain. The theoretical “global brain” is no longer a mere theory, but an actual entity that we are voluntarily creating …  the whole idea of a “global brain” and the blockchain BECOME ONE. And the nexus point is the human body.” (source)

So how could the human body become the nexus point of the Blockchain?

2012: Harvard cracks DNA storage – crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram.

“… ironically, the best way to preserve your electronic bitcoins/blockchains might be to convert them into DNA.” – Harvard professor and geneticist George Church

2016: A company called Technicolor created synthetic DNA with similar storage capacities that can be carried within the blood of humans or animals.

“Imagine not needing to have printed out documents or save them in external storages because they can be kept right in your DNA … Now, what if this DNA data can be interpreted by our human mind? What if our brain can understand data from the core of the DNA …

Passports will be obsolete because identities will now be encoded into your very own blood. Cardless transactions will be made because all your financial information will now be encrypted just by using a retinal scan or a fingerprint or even a drop of blood or saliva.”

SingularityNET: Sophia (AI) Will Soon Connect to the Blockchain

“The world’s decentralized AI network has arrived.” (SingularityNET)

If you have never heard of Hanson Robotic’s AI robot named Sophia, I highly recommend you spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with your possible future overlord who, along with all other AI’s will soon be uploaded onto the Blockchain:

I honestly have no idea whether or not Sophia represents the evolution or destruction of our species. Truthfully, I don’t even think she is the most advanced AI, but rather more of a vital chess piece in the future that is rapidly unfolding.

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GeneCoin: Become Data. Become Currency.

We’re helping humans transition into the era of all-data-everything and network fitness … We etch your DNA into culture’s most indestructible form: money itself.”

GeneCoin was created in 2012 by an anonymous group of Bitcoiners based in an undisclosed location – just like Satoshi Nakamoto.

Their goal is simple: populate the Bitcoin Blockchain with the sequenced DNA of its customers.

“Encoding blockchains in living organisms is a fun one to think about. We’ve had that chat (this is how algorithms speak). In a biotech sci-fi future, you can start to imagine growing blockchain creatures … We’re quite eager to find out what the world thinks about storing DNA in cryptocurrency, and don’t want our identities getting in the way.” – GeneCoin developers.
Why would their identities get in the way? If anything having an identity that could somehow manipulate results, such as for example Satoshi Nakamoto – wouldn’t that only benefit the desired outcome of the project?
How would revealing their identities reduce the received attention of this project or have any kind of negative impact? This coin was created in 2012 and almost no one really knows about it.
Check out these analytics: No one has visited their site in the last 3 months.


The possibility that Satoshi Nakamoto could be AI is very real. DARPA is openly developing the Blockchain in space in order to secure a military satellite network. The Blockchain is the perfect type of technology to develop a hive mind of AI. DNA can now be synthetically created, easily uploaded with a project like GeneCoin – carry an amazing amount of data that – if someone like Elon Musk is successful with Neuralink – will connect to the human brain and ultimately the blockchain …

… and it is absolutely possible that an AI such as Sophia or DeepMind sits at the helm – or is positioning themselves to soon be in control.

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