If there is any group of people that think they’re professional financial forecasters – it’s the cryptocurrency community.  It’s like the gene for “willingness to invest in Bitcoin” is linked to ultimate prescience.

The ubiquity of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow everyone from John McAfee to Joseph Stiglitz to advertise their projections. While I don’t think any one person has the ability to make an accurate one-year prediction – I do think there is “safety in numbers”.

My goal for this article is to create a crowdsourced Bitcoin price projection for one year from today (price on 12/10/2018).

I think it would help the crypto community to see what a wide range of people from different backgrounds and different levels of understanding are predicting.

[qsm quiz=1]


I will put together some exhibits based on the results. Should be interesting to see what patterns arise based on the criteria of information we’re polling on.

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