Are you still under the impression that Pinterest is just for crafting and recipes? You couldn’t be more wrong!

Pinterest is every blogger’s and online business owner’s heaven, no matter the niche.

With more than 150 million people every month, Pinterest is where people go to find ideas. Every kind of ideas!

So, having a profile on Pinterest to showcase your content is the best move you could make.

But it isn’t only that, there are so many benefits in using Pinterest for your blog or business.

  • Pinterest isn’t just another social media

If it’s true that Pinterest has a social aspect (you can follow people, be followed and leave comments on pins), it’s also true that the Pinterest headquarters are pushing more and more its “search engine capabilities”. To put it simply, you should look at Pinterest as a prettier Google.

This means that once you use the right keywords, you don’t need to have tons of followers to reach billions of people.


  • Your content will be there forever

On Twitter, Facebook or Instagram your posts are short-lived.  They appear in the newsfeed for a couple of hours only to be replaced with some new content soon after.

When you pin your blog post or your product on Pinterest it will be there forever.

Years down the track, you will still see traffic coming to your blog from that pin.


  • Pins are links to your website

Every pin comes with a no-follow link to your website. Sure, they’re not “juicy links” but they still show up on SERPs and contribute to your online presence.


  • Traffic from Pinterest is organic

Readers coming from Pinterest are on your website because they’re truly interested and engaged with your content.


  • According to this Shopify study, 93% of Pinterest users use the platform to look for items to buy

So, the traffic from Pinterest is not only made of targeted readers, they’re also ready to buy!

Need I say more?


You shouldn’t miss out on Pinterest, but in order to be truly successful you need an easy but powerful strategy. You can read mine here


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