If I ask you how you see the future of technology, what would you say? Given 2018 alone, there have been tons of new concepts of what the future can be. So far, we’ve seen automated vehicles, drones that can be sent to missions, and VR headsets deepening the VR experience. But Nintendo has a new idea… and it’s made out of cardboard?!

Nintendo Labo is an experience that, as aforementioned, is totally made out of cardboard. It was announced on January 17, 2018, through a Youtube video on the Nintendo page. The general public had mixed feelings about it. Some were astonished and amazed, while others are skeptical about the idea of the next big thing being cardboard.

The gist of Nintendo Labo is that they are DIY kits that let you engineer and create various accessories that interact with the Nintendo Switch. These accessories, called Toy-Cons, are made up entirely of cardboard. They vary from pianos, remote control cars, houses, fishing poles, motorcycle handles, and more. There’s even a robot suit that’s hooked up to your entire body… and yes, it’s also made out of cardboard. All these accessories are entirely responsive and have different functions that interact directly with the switch. The motorcycle handle has its own racing game, the fishing pole has its own fishing game, etc.

It’s a completely customizable experience that children can play with their parents. The packages come with these sheets of cardboard that you have to build into the toy-cons. There are very intricate parts so it’s probably best for kids to build them with an adult.

Overall, Nintendo Labo is pure imagination coming to life on the switch. As minimalistic as the concept is, it’s really a highlight of this year’s Nintendo history. The experience is completely programmable for the consumer. You can make the motorcycle handles control the RC cars, you can make the entire house shake, etc. This really makes you wonder what Nintendo is capable of. If they can make such a unique concept out of nothing but cardboard, what else can they do in the future?