As the festive period nears the end and we let the new year in we all start thinking about our resolutions for the coming year, but have you thought about your annual bucket list?

This year it’s time to educate yourself and taste more whiskies.

Thought to be an acquired taste, whiskey is so versatile that there is at least one for everyone.

Now produced in many countries throughout the world with new distilleries still opening each year it’s time to see what all the fuss is about.

The Whisky Adventurers theory is, “Whisky is an adventure waiting to be explored.”  Their website, is a place for people new to the world of whiskey to learn more about whiskies from all over the world, from opening distilleries and production through to tasting and investing.  They even have a fortnightly newsletter, The Whisky Pulse offering regular updates.

You can start by picking up your very own Whisky Bucket List paperback book, to document your own journey from tastings to tours.  It is available as a de-luxe keepsake or a handy pocket size with pages for your own photos and notes.

Then check out where your nearest bar, distillery or event is, grab a friend and go there!

New tasting and festival events are announced all the time so get yourself your very own Scotch Whisky Making calendar that is not only a great place to keep a note of what’s coming up but takes you through a picture tour of whisky making, month by month.

Hopefully by the end of the year you will have the start of your own journey to look back on and by next January have an even clearer idea of what your whiskey bucket list will be for the next year.

Enjoy your year!

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Jennifer Hardy
Jennifer is a writer for various websites mainly on the topics of travel, leisure, and whiskey mainly around Europe. She is originally from England, now living in Spain. When she isn't writing or reading, she can be found swimming or snorkeling during the summer and hiking in the mountains, equipped with a rucksack and tent during the winter months. You can visit her at, and