I have tested the new features implemented after tribes went public and I must say they are great!

I loved Tailwind tribes already when they were in their “alpha stage”, they are an amazing tool to share your content for others to re-pin, and a great place to find great content for you to re-pin.

But you know I love Tailwind in general and if you didn’t know that, you can read Tailwind for Pinterest and its best features: should you use it?

Tailwind tribes have lots of features and they can really help in boosting your traffic, but here I will only highlight the new features:

New “find a tribe” feature

Before going public, to access Tailwind tribes you needed an invite, and finding one wasn’t easy.

Now you can simply find a tribe within Tailwind. You can search by keywords, topic or name.

Tribes can be open or on request. If a tribe is on request you apply for the tribe and then if you’re a good match, the owner will accept your request.

If you’d like to contribute to some of our tribes, join Blogging for new bloggers Facebook group and you will find the invites in a pinned post.

Search on this tribe

If you are a member of some “all topics” tribes this new entry will make your life much easier as when you are looking for something specific you can use the search tool within the tribe.

Tailwind tribes are still free

Tailwind has a free plan which grants you access to 5 tribes and submit 30 pins a month.

But for those who need more, Tailwind has created some PowerUps:

  • The PRO PowerUp includes access to 10 tribes and 80 submissions a month.
  • The MAX PowerUp includes unlimited access to tribes and 200 submissions a month.
  • The ELITE PowerUp includes unlimited access to tribes and 400 submissions a month.
  • The UNLIMITED PowerUp includes unlimited access to tribes and unlimited submissions a month.

If you were already a member of some Tailwind tribes, good news! You get special treatment through a Tailwind grandfather clause.

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Marina Iapichino
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