Motherhood is all about recalibrating your equilibrium and recalculating your priorities. You are well aware of how your ‘Me Time’ will take a flying leap out of the window and yet when that happens you are in a tailspin. Moreover, when there are two brats to control, the ‘Yoyo’ that they make out of you, is completely out of this world. Suffice to say looking prim and proper is a thing of past, embrace the new harried and worried look as that is what Motherhood inspires.

Screaming, running, spilling, breaking, smashing, tantrums, skinned knees, bloody elbows, and fractures are everyday speed bumps. The main thing is to look serene even after all these. The periodic heart attacks that the kids give you, which can scare the living daylights out of any sane person, completely and fully entitle you to binge on chocolates and ice creams to rehab, restore and rejuvenate your soul. In some extreme cases, even a good cry might help. After all, the next round is around the corner and the vicious circle begins.

As a mother, you are not only a self-proclaimed judge and lawyer but also an arbitrator. And no self-respecting member of the legal department will dare to disagree with this fact. But kids, they are just another matter. Your word is neither binding nor final to them. And disrupting your proceedings is their way of ensuring their active and whole-hearted participation. With glee and charm, they will irritate you to kingdom come. But still, Love them you most definitely will.

The biggest thing is no matter how topsy-turvy life becomes, you will never ever exchange your little hellions for anything better. They might aim to age you by ten years in just five but, they will always be your sweethearts. Their giggles and hugs will brighten every day. And their games and pranks will force you to live your childhood once again.

To all Mothers, let’s raise a toast to our scamps, drown our everyday ordeal in sugar high and begin each new day with new hope and high expectations. Remember patience is the key to your success.

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