When you think of vacation destinations, you will often be drawn to adventurous and beautiful places. However, not all that glitters is gold because though masked by their undeniable beauty; some travel destinations are also some of the most dangerous places on earth. From poisonous plants to lava-leaking deserts, this article explores some of the most dangerous tourist destinations on earth.

Lake Natron, Arusha, Tanzania

Photo: Thousand Wonders

Lake Natron is a phenomenon that resembles an extraterrestrial happening. The lake has an alkali salt crust on the surface that makes for a lovely tourist attraction; however, if any human or animal were to come into contact with it then they would instantly die. The lake is so dangerous that it would burn through flesh leaving a black hardened shell. The fumes are also poisonous and blinding to anyone who gets too close to the lake. Tourists who visit this site can only admire it from a safe distance, and for obvious reasons, swimming is strictly prohibited.

Valley of Death, Kamchatka, Russia

Photo: Kamchatkaland

This valley that practically names itself is located in eastern Russia near the famed Valley of Geysers. It contains a high concentration of toxic gases that are toxic to every living thing. It is not an uncommon sight to find animal carcasses on the floor of the valley along with dead plants. Tourists who visit this beautiful view often feel dizzy, develop a fever and encounter nausea. Prolonged exposure would mean toxic poisoning and eventually death.

Madidi National Park, Bolivia

Photo: Bolivian Life

Madidi National Park is considered one of the most diverse places on earth. It is the ultimate tourist destination for people who enjoy wildlife and plant life because new species are discovered every day. However, in the midst of this beautiful tropical rainforest lies flora and fauna that could take you out in a couple of minutes. There are flesh-eating maggots, skin eating fungi, toxic moths, poisonous snakes; just to name a few. Contact with some of the plants causes irritation, itchiness, rashes, and fevers. When visiting this park, it is best to avoid touching any plants without getting a confirmation from the tour guide.

Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

Photo: Daily Mail

Though its sands form a beautiful tourist attraction, the Danakil desert is one of the most uninhabitable places on earth. The temperatures reach a scorching 50 degrees making survival for more than a few hours impossible. What is worse about this desert is the continuous earthquakes that rip the ground apart and spew lava and toxic gases. These features give the desert the nickname ‘gateway to hell.’