Food for the soul, food for the stomach and food to forget all that is wrong in this world. But ultimately, all that food will show. It will show in your love handles, it will peek through the dresses that do not fit so well anymore and it will show in the slight paunch that even a body shaper can’t hide. So whom do I blame for my body woes? I can’t blame the food because I need it as much as my next breath. I know it is the sinful spoon that I need to blame. That single splurging of my taste buds evokes tremendous happiness in my heart. It sings with joy and prompts me towards another spoonful. Such a vicious circle it forms.

The main question that comes to mind at such times is – “Was I really meant to be thin?” Is there any harm if I am just a little healthy? I am not a couch potato nor do I hog on food all day long. In fact, I practice a healthy lifestyle and exercise some every day. So what if I indulge in my passion for food sometimes? I do eat healthy and balanced every other time. Why does the world force me to be ashamed of my body type? I am pretty sure I am more active than some of the so-called well-maintained women of today.

The hard truth is that nobody ever came up to me and said you are fat and need to lose weight. It is just how I see myself. And I have formed this perception over the years with the help of media who have paid attention to slim and slender beauties of the world. They conveniently forgot about those who were healthy and yet successful and graceful. I take a bow to this unjust media and the role they have played in screwing with my mind. But now is my turn to stop this injustice. It is time to change my thinking. I was never meant to be thin but healthy. Indulging in the sinful spoon, once in a while, will always help me remember this fact.

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