In August Oklahoma Quarterback Baker Mayfield was at best a third-round pick. But as the draft drew closer, Mayfield slowly started climbing up the board. In the weeks leading up to the draft, there were plenty of opinions about Baker, but there were still questions about where he should go. The night of the draft the Browns did what no one thought they would do, and made Mayfield the first overall pick.

Colin Cowherd Hate

Colin Cowherd may have been one of Baker’s most prominent critics. At one point Cowherd even called Baker “undraftable.” The FS1 host pointed to the fact that Baker isn’t very tall, isn’t the greatest athlete, and has had some off the field issues.

Baker reportedly keeps a list of media personalities that don’t believe in him, and Cowherd is at the top of his list. The Quarterback hasn’t been afraid to call Cowherd out on twitter. Baker and Colin had another twitter flare up before Mayfield’s Tuesday appearance on Cowherd’s show.

During his appearance, Baker was quick to shut Cowherd down on a few different issues. Cowherd has accused Baker of being a bad teammate during his time at Oklahoma and used a clip from an Ohio State game to try and prove it. In the clip, Baker throws a touchdown and then walks away from his teammates to celebrate.

Baker was quick to shut down Cowherd. The Browns QB pointed out that the clip was only a few seconds long and that he had celebrated with his teammates during previous touchdowns. Baker on that particular touchdown was celebrating with the Oklahoma band and student section.

What if Cowherd is already right?

Mayfield carries himself like he’s going to be the next great quarterback, but he might not be anywhere close to taking his first snap in the NFL. The Browns have said he’s not ready to play and videos have shown Mayfield struggling in practice.

Of course, he’s a rookie, and there are going to be growing pains, but it’s not an encouraging sign from a guy who has so many question marks. As of right, not Tyrod Taylor is the Browns’ starting QB.