Maxar Technologies (MAXR) was on quite the dip the last 30 days losing almost 20% of its value but the satellite company may be getting ready to turn on the jets and head for the stars with its new outlook for 2018.

With Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk pioneering a neo-American space race, there leaves much more to be desired in the realm of competition.

Maxar technologies is responsible for different commercial space brands that are going to drive the information age into the next level of development.

SSL formerly space systems Loral is a competitor of Boeing Satellites and Lockheed Martin where they focus on government and commercial use satellites for weather, digital/audio, as well as observational satellites to spot geological phenomena.

Digital Globe is an earth imaging company that was acquired by Maxar in 2017, and within a year they have grown their imaging platform to 100 petabytes of data.

Radiant solutions utilize the satellite technology to pass information onto the military as well as create smart grids for international communities.

Here it can be easily seen that as the demand for space communications makes up a bulk of Maxar’s revenue and it is important to note that the dire need for space programs across the developed world are increasing there are only a handful of companies that can provide the critical hardware that is needed.

Maxar technologies, through acquisition and innovation, have the most satellites in space, standing alone at 86. These satellites are for anything from Sirius XM radio, Google Maps, even the eyes in the sky for the US armed forces.

Maxar has finished acquiring many different realms of the space industry and with a model of vertical integration will eventually become the most cost-efficient satellite developer.

This is a position that will ebb and flow with the legal ramifications and demand for space travel. However, as the need for global communications arrays continues to climb so will Maxar Technologies.  

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Spencer Lasday
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