As a child, I remember playing in the mud and rolling around on the grass. This is probably the best memory that I have of my childhood. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tom & Jerry and Popeye were the most popular cartoons. The world was simple and life did not run away at breakneck speed.

Today, there are so many gadgets at my disposal, that make my work easy, and yet I am unable to sit back and enjoy life. The rat race of competition compels me to constantly prove that I am better than most. It drags me into its quagmire and I am unable to resist its pull.

Life from a child’s perspective is so different. It seems like a dream, uncomplicated and carefree. But as we grow up, the child within is forced to take a step back. Our rose colored glasses come off and we realize that TRUST is a commodity not easily placed. Learning this big lesson is a harsh reality in itself. As children, we were always told, “Be good and do good”. And now as an adult, it seems that the lesson should have been, “look out for yourself because no one else will”.

Sometimes I am forced to think that the life in the fast lane is good for me. At least I don’t have time to dwell on the past and how good things were. It also keeps me busy enough to ignore the hurts and disappointments that I had to face because of the others and their selfish attitude.

In spite of all this, I have made a few genuine friends who mean the world to me. My family has become my greatest strength and my biggest critiques. They inspire me to run in this rat race with determination and push me to expand my boundaries.

My inner child still lives and kicks up to surface once in a while. That day I take courage in my hands and laugh at all spins that life has thrown in my direction. Come what may, today is not something that I would change but TOMORROW is something that I have high hopes for.