LeBron James surprised no one by deciding to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. It had been reported throughout most of the season that he was planning to leave, the only question was for which team. There were only around seven teams in the running, and it didn’t take long for James to make a decision. LeBron decided to sign a $145 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. Fans of the Lakers were thrilled to hear the King was coming to LA, but James being on the team could actually hurt fans.

The Lakers were already pricey

Lakers games are usually full of celebrities. No matter how bad the team is, you can always find an A-list celebrity courtside. The Lakers are always an attraction, and the tickets have never been cheap, but LeBron is forcing those prices through the roof.

Before James decided to take his talents to the City of Angels, season tickets were at minimum $3,500. Only twenty minutes after LeBron signed the prices increased by over $2,000. After a few hours, the prices climbed even higher.

The cheapest season tickets are now available for about $6,000. For that price, you’ll be sitting in the nosebleeds.

Even one LeBron game isn’t cheap

You might think that getting a one-game ticket would be a better deal, but you would be wrong. Even single-game tickets have skyrocketed. If you want to see the Lakers’ home opener, you’ll have to fork over at least $500, and you’ll still be near the top of the arena.

If you plan on buying tickets to the opener, don’t plan on knowing who you’re going to see. The NBA has not announced who the Lakers will even be playing in the opener. But rest assured knowing that the NBA usually does a great job with opening matchups; with such a high-profile game, you can bet the NBA will do everything it can to create a great opening matchup.

Only time will tell if LeBron made the right decision by signing with the Lakers. Until then be prepared to watch him from the comfort of your couch or be ready to spend some serious cash.