The next wave in technology is here and it isn’t your new iPhone 8 or self driving car. Wearable technology with AR/VR capabilities is the future and Kopin Corporation, a tech company that has been around since the early 90’s, is creating some very integral components for devices that have the potential to revolutionize our lives. Augmented reality and Virtual reality, or AR/VR as they are known for short, are technologies that can overlay simulations of images in real world conditions, or simulate real world conditions respectively. This can be extremely useful in combat situations where Kopin’s technologies are being used by the military for F-35 pilot headsets, weapon sights, and optical systems for VR training. Moreover, they are the only company providing this technology for these specific programs and demand is only expected to increase. Kopin also produces the world’s smallest LCD displays, along with superior voice control software, and its own ergonomic headsets. The catch is that all of these technologies can work together to provide the user with a more robust experience. Moreover, the company has its stake in consumer products, where it’s SOLOS heads up display is being used by the USA Olympic cycling team to provide the athletes with real time information regarding their speed, heart rate and more.

Although this technology is highly sophisticated it is only in its infant stages, however, the momentum for this may be gaining traction. Increased awareness and interest by the consumer is setting this industry up for an explosion in the next decade, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kopin had something to do with it.

At the end of the day, Kopin is still a penny stock with high risk and high reward. As you can see, things have been quite stagnant for Kopin over the last decade or so in terms of its share price, but the company has worked hard to scale its operation and provide serious value for its customers. I am personally optimistic about what this company can do, and where it is heading, but I wouldn’t buy just yet. Stick this company on your watch list and see what the rest of 2017 has in store.