Komodo – decentralized ICOs and White-label blockchains.

  • Rebranded from BitcoinDark
  • Source code forked from ZCash
  • Subsidiary of SuperNet

Komodo is an ecosystem that has a problem with its main focus – it’s too diluted. Here are just a few of their initiatives: security, anonymity, decentralized ICOs, white-label blockchains, smart contracts in many programming languages, and atomic-swap cryptocurrency exchange.

They had a big YouTube announcement on Friday and the price surged. However, it seems to be settling and it might be a good time for our reader to do some research on their own and decide whether to invest or not – the next upcoming bullish event is the release of their decentralized crypto exchange – BarterDEX (previously known as InstaDex, EasyDex).

They claim to have found a way to sidestep the ICO legality issues with their platform – more on that here.

Additionally, a payment startup is utilizing their platform – Monaize

The public wasn’t satisfied with the unprofessional appearance in the live stream and technical implementation of their YouTube announcement.

The website is chaotic. There are too many concepts in the Komodo world, which makes users confused, and authors who try to dissect their work. There have been problems with the wallet and there is no clear roadmap, along with a few inconsistencies on their website.

What else to worry about? They are in competition with Ethereum, NEO, and ARK – all quite reputable competitors. All this might have contributed to many people passing on investing in Komodo, which means there’s a chance that the price is lower than it should be (in a few days when the price finally regresses back to the mean).

The team behind it are well-meaning and hardworking people but there is a lot of room for development and improvement in the clarity of the Komodo brand. It is certainly a project worth considering as an investment in the crypto sphere, but you’re gambling on how successful they will be at making their initiatives user-friendly.

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Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, it is merely an opinion for informational purposes. Investing is a risky matter, people should do their own research and will not be held liable for potential losses.