These days haven’t been precisely the best for Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, as the city has suffered two of the most terrible attacks in recent times and just in a span of seven days.

Following the suffering of a previous attack on a hotel last week, Kabul saw how the terror seized the city again exactly seven days after. A suicide bombing killed 95 people (more than 100 according to several reports) on Saturday, when an ambulance past a police checkpoint and got to a congested street with various government buildings.

According to Interior minister Wais Barmak, the number of deaths now stands at 103, with over 235 injured people. Most of the wounded are men.

Nasrat Rahimi, deputy spokesperson for the Interior Ministry stated that the attacker went through a police checkpoint where he told the police he was taking a patient to Jamhuriat hospital, then detonated the bomb when he got to a second checkpoint.

After the attack, The Taliban took the credit for it. A spokesman later said it was due to US efforts to assist Afghan forces with troops and air strikes. Plus, Afghanistan’s government condemned the killings, qualifying them as crimes against humanity before accusing Pakistan of providing support for these attackers.

The Ministry of External Affairs released a statement condemning the terror attacks on civilians, saying that “There can be no justification for it. The perpetrators and their supporters should be brought to justice.”

Several world leaders also manifested their contempt towards the attacks, including US President, Donald Trump and UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres

First, Trump said the attack “renews our resolve and that of our Afghan partners”. Guterres, on the other side, said: “Indiscriminate attacks against civilians are a serious violation of human rights and humanitarian laws, and can never be justified.”

This has been the deadliest attack in months in Kabul, a city seized by terror for several years now. This situation gets more serious as the days come by and nobody is sure of how to stop it.