Expert tips on avoiding traps in your home that are causing weight gain.

Did you ever think it possible that your kitchen light or the side table by your living room couch could be the culprits for your weight gain? Could the extra pounds be caused by the music you listen to? Or even the expensive white plates you recently bought? It may sound strange, but there is a growing body of evidence that supports that certain objects typically found in homes influence nutritional habits. Let’s see what changes to your home will bring about a drop on the scale and waistline.


Store food properly
Given that the more visible and accessible food is, the more attractive it becomes, experts recommend storing fruits, vegetables and healthier items in clear containers, while processed and fatty foods should go in containers you can’t see inside to avoid temptation. Remember that it has been proven that we eat up to 75% more food just because we can see it.

Stick post-it notes on your fridge
It’s happened to all of us: somebody told you about a healthy and light recipe for your favorite bechamel sauce and you noted it down somewhere but then lost it and ended up never making the it. To make sure this doesn’t happen again simply use a post it note to keep all of your favorite go-to recipes on your fridge – easy and handy! And don’t stop there; you can also add other important notes including your weekly menu plan, grocery shopping list, your gym schedule or any other items that will help you live healthier and make healthier choices.

Dining Room

Use “smart” tableware
According to one study, people that eat in plates with a diameter of 8-9 inches and in a color different than that of the food being served on it (for example, eating rice on a dark colored plate) consume 22% less food on average than those that use other dinnerware. Additionally, it’s good to bear in mind that warm, intense colors (orange, yellow, red) stimulate hunger and the yearning for food. Smaller spoons also lead to smaller portion sizes being consumed. One study showed that those who ate ice cream with a small spoon consume 14% less than those using larger spoons. Unfortunately, the same was not found to be the case with forks! It was found that people consume the same whether with a smaller fork or larger, but take twice as long to do it.

Toast with tall glassware
If you were only paying attention to the beverage or drink you’ve been consuming until now, you should consider giving some weight to the glass in which you decide to consume it. It’s been found that people who drink from tall, narrow glasses tend to consume less compared to those that choose short and wide glasses. Moreover, it’s been confirmed that the shape of the glass influences the speed at which we consume the beverage. Researchers at the University of Bristol confirm that we consume alcoholic beverages 60% faster when we drink them in round glassware because we are less able to determine the quantity of the beverage in the glass.

Set the mood
Relaxing music and dim lighting are not just essential to a romantic mood, but can also contribute to making healthier choices regarding nutrition. One experiment showed that those who listened to smooth jazz consumed 18% less food than those who ate to the faster and more powerful rhythms of rock-n-roll. In other words, the rhythm which we eat is influenced by the rhythms we are listening to. In much the same way, the amount of food we consume is also influenced by the lighting in the environment. According to science, both very bright, but also very low light causes us to eat more.

Living Room

Eat with the TV off
Watching TV while eating is dangerous for your nutrition. We have heard the warnings time and again; and they are true. It’s been proven that watching TV increases the speed with which we consume food, because it draws our attention away from eating and leads us to lose track of the quantity of food we are consuming. Additionally, it helps us create food “scenarios”. It’s not lucky coincidence that we usually enjoy watching our favorite shows with a bowl of popcorn or chips.

Move the side tables further away
When sitting in the living room, experts recommend moving the side tables further away from we like to sit so that we cannot easily reach them… and the food that may be on them! In reality, the further away from you the food is, the fewer attempts you will make to get to it, especially if you’re tired.


Sleep with… your exercise equipment
If you are one of the many people that say they will start the gym tomorrow but tomorrow never comes, then try the following: store your gym equipment next to or under your bed. Experts claim that because we see the equipment first thing in the morning, directly after waking from sleep, it serves as a visual reminder to use it. You are also more likely to use it since it’s so close to you and easy to get to.


Don’t be afraid of the scale
Even though many think you shouldn’t weigh yourself every day, new research suggests that those who manage to lose weight and maintain their weight goals are those that weigh themselves almost daily.

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