IoT is changing the world. It is bringing about technological advancement that aims to provide better services and make living easy. Despite such good intentions, IoT faces a lot of opposition on many fronts. Technology does make life simple, but it comes with its own set of problems.

The Associated Problems

The advent of any innovative technology means that there will be a new set of issues that one shall have to deal with. We shall have to prepare ourselves for handling these most effectively.

  • Privacy & Security No More – The basis of IoT is data. All this data is collected by various devices that are embedded with sensors. The collected data is then shared freely over the internet. Due to this free sharing of information, privacy is almost a non-existent concept. All the information about any user is available over the internet for anybody to use or misuse. This brings us to the next issue and that of security. The Internet is not yet hacker resistant. Hence, data security is impossible to guarantee.
  • Technology Overload – The generation of today is already addicted to technology. And the future is going to further increase this dependence. Technology will take control of every aspect of life and mechanize our daily lives. This might look like a bright future but in truth, it will bring its own set of health and mental problems.
  • Grave Consequences – Since everything will be dependent on data that is collected by each device, any breakdown of even one would cause severe consequences. This is because there will be an interruption in the seamless movement of information. Similarly, a small thing as power outage could bring life to a standstill.
  • More Unemployment – Professional and experts have a bright future. But everyone cannot be at the top of the game. Most people who are doing odd jobs, providing unskilled labor and doing small jobs stand to lose their livelihood. This is because their jobs will get automated and hence the need for human intervention would reduce drastically.

IoT is the call of good times. It is our future and our destiny. Be prepared for technology to rule.

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