InvestFeed is a social network for investors, where users can look at each other’s portfolio, make recommendations, and be accountable for their recommendations. It is all about transparency with them. InvestFeed has been around for a couple of

It is all about transparency with them. InvestFeed has been around for a couple of years but has recently carried out an ICO of their own token – Feed. I registered on their website and other than the newsfeed, there are BUY/SELL options for cryptocurrencies and also a Portfolio tab when you’re looking at someone’s profile. Both features say “Coming soon” upon click, so this could be an indication that there are two reasons for the price to increase soon as those features get unveiled. There is a very annoying discrepancy between the website’s copy mentioning stocks in several places, yet the functionality being about cryptocurrencies. I guess they might’ve undergone a fundamental change in their core functionality and forgotten to update the copy. (Reading the white paper indicates this is likely the case). An InvestFeed user is going to be able to track professional traders’ actions, portfolios and results there.

The FEED token will be used to reward users’ content and interactions, similar to Steem and Bela. The system will generate FEED to reward contributions which might incentivize user activity, but it might also pose inflation on the coin*. It could get to a point where those symbols become literally worthless. But this system is some time away. Until then we have features coming and speculation could drive the price up.

Since the platform is already somewhat mature, and I don’t believe it is incredibly popular as I’ve only heard of it once, I don’t think the token would explode out of the sudden. Yet, with several features coming up, I don’t see why it couldn’t grow steadily. So not by any means a high-risk, high-reward investment. Plan for “conservative” growth.

*Whitepaper states otherwise: “There will be limited token supply versus demand and the value of the FEED Token will naturally appreciate, establishing a healthy ecosystem and control mechanism that rewards beneficial content and suppresses the noise”

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