Our beliefs are the making of us and the world we live in. The more of us who understand this, the easier it’ll become to make some magic happen in our own lives, as well as on a global scale. One small action on our part, like a stone thrown into a pond, creates a continuous and expanding influence on everything and everyone around us. Our view of our lives and the world is a direct result of our most dominant thoughts, and action follows thought, and through action, we manifest our lives.

Thoughts, especially negative ones, are self-perpetuating, i.e. when we feel bad on the inside, our perception of the outside world is bad, and the worse the world appears, the worse we feel. The Law of Correspondence, one of 12 Universal Laws, states that everything in our physical world; relationships, wealth, health, is a mirror image of our inner world. We don’t have control over so much of what happens in this world, but we do have irrefutable control over our own thoughts.

Altering Reality Naturally

I know that many of you relate to this, and I’m here to simplify it for you and teach you how to create and sustain self-perpetuating positive thoughts causing a paradigm shift, entering you into a state of altered reality. If your current situation is a direct result of the way you think, then you must change your thought patterns to begin making even the smallest change.

Let’s begin…

Dissolve your beliefs by taking a long hard look at all areas of your life. Take one area that you feel needs the most attention, and start asking yourself some questions about your beliefs about it.

Take responsibility for all areas of your life, the good and the bad. Only by doing this can you break through and begin to make empowered choices.

Get clear on how you’d like your life to look like; visualize and focus on the outcomes you desire.

Take action and create the life you want.

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Abby Hussein
Abby Hussein, Personal Belief Specialist, Founder and creator of Magical Realities, www.magicalrealities.co.uk. I’ll show you how to safeguard your freedom against self-limiting beliefs, as well as help you create an empowering personal belief system. Together we’ll create clarity for you to manifest a life in which you thrive instead of just survive. Your life, your choice. Connect on Facebook and Twitter on the links below.