There’s always the urge, at the beginning of a new year to strive for change, but why wait
12 months every time? Why not the beginning of every month, every week, or even every
day?! I wanted to start this year by sharing how I make every day the best, accumulating
into a year of best days. While it’s important to work toward your ambitions and desires
and set long term goals, it’s equally as important to keep yourself rooted in the present and
make each day count while you’re on your way.

Here’s how I do it.

Proclamations of gratitude without feeling are just words and yield no power to dispel
feelings of lack. My personal mantra is ‘Thank you for all that has been, all that is, and all
that will be’.

Keep both your mind and body in one place. Be present in the moment for whatever you
are doing, at any given time and dispel feelings of guilt by committing fully to the task at

We can often become closed to opportunities because we hold on too tightly to our beliefs
like toddlers with a security blanket. Open up to new ideas and perspectives and expand,
enhance and enlighten your belief system.

We are transmitting and receiving energy all the time and we tend to associate moods to
our energy, i.e. feeling low, on a high, on fire, etc. Your moods, will very likely depend on
the moods of people around you, so choose wisely.

All of us want it, crave it and desire it, yet we fear giving it lest we get hurt. Bring love into
all that you do and all that you are; loving words and loving actions can heal many unseen

To live without trust is to live in a state of neurosis. My humble opinion. Trust yourself to
not only handle life but also enjoy it. The ease with which you live life doesn’t always make
for the best life.

Please share to help others live each day to it’s fullest!

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