Recent research shows the importance of antioxidants to the efficient functioning of your body and among other benefits, it is also a key player in your quest to be rid of those extra pounds you’ve been carrying around since last Christmas.

Antioxidants not only improve your body’s ability to use insulin effectively (in metabolizing carbs, especially glucose), but also prevent fat storage by controlling your body’s enzymes and the hormones involved in the processes of storing and burning fat. Besides their anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants also lead to a reduction in oxidative stress (especially high in people suffering from obesity).

Take ownership of your body and give it the fuel it needs to be a top performer. You can reset your body’s hormone profile in six simple steps. (Easy? No. Simple? Yes.)

Step 1
Add good fat like omega 3 fatty acids to your diet and boost your metabolism – create fun dishes with fish, walnuts, avocado and olives.

Step 2
Consume vitamin D to improve your immune system and metabolism – enjoy flavorful dishes with liver, egg, and small fish with their bones.

Step 3
Ingest probiotics to help your intestines function better and absorb all other nutritional elements. Eat Greek yogurt or kefir and add cinnamon for even more antioxidants.

Step 4
Add protein to your daily meal plan, kick start your metabolism and feel full longer – Get if from chicken, egg and low fat cheese.

Step 5
Resist temptation!  One hack to prevent you from missing your favorite treats and keep you shedding weight is to add cinnamon to more of your food. You can also try having a protein snack about twenty minutes before dinner or eating nuts. Remember to schedule in a dinner to enjoy all of your favorite foods once per week.

Step 6
Implement a diet high in antioxidants and make sure you’re eating organic.

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