Combining 6 years of research and development along with Hedera Hashgraph ledger technology, Machinezone (MZ) is introducing their Satori (AI) platform to the world through the ICO of the LIT token.

Satori, which means “enlightenment” in Japanese, currently powers MZ’s entire data ecosystem. Millions worldwide experience real-time access to major games such as Game of War – Fire Age®, Mobile Strike®, and Final Fantasy XV – A New Empire™. Cognant, MZ’s ad buying and live data platform provides advertisers results that actually favor their interests, as opposed to tech giants who absorb all profit and call all of the shots.

With the LIT token, users will have unprecedented access to the world’s live data streams, and with it their own customizable AI technology.

The future of live data is now.

In the right hands, it has the power to 
reinvent everything


What is Hedera Hashgraph Ledger Technology?

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Over 3,000 developers have come together to form the Distributed Ledger Foundation.

The vision of the DLF is to be the trusted, global leader for the promotion of transparency around the control of decentralized networks.


Hedera has created an impossibly secure, lightning fast, perfectly fair public ledger free from the massive computation and unsustainable energy consumption we currently see on the blockchain – where your identity is always controlled by you and your privacy is guaranteed.

  • Hashgrah is aBFT: (Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance) Unlike the blockchain where it is a probability that forever increases, a consensus among any type of community is achieved and agreed upon. Malicious nodes cannot prevent this from happening, and once reached it is immutable. Consensus time stamping prevents an individual from affecting the consensus order of transactions.
  • Lightning speed: Major credit card companies process 2k transactions per second, with peak times reaching 50k and take an average of 7 seconds to return a response after swiping your card. Hashgraph achieved an absolute finality of consensus, matching 50k transactions per sec spread out over 5 continents around the globe with an average of 2.9 seconds of latency. Running at 100k per sec slowed it down to 3.3 seconds.
  • State Proof: A computer cannot lie. If you attempt to store a file, move cryptocurrency, you will know exactly which community you are dealing with and their agreed consensus. Forked malicious networks will cease to exist.

Hedera Hashgraph already has and will continue to disrupt outdated core systems such as stock exchanges, governments, military, utilities, and gaming. Clients such as Xtremepush, VMS Software, CUledger, Intiva Health have thus far utilized Hedera Hashgraph, producing results that are beyond their respective industries.

What Can Satori Do?

  • Satori can process 500 million events (video, audio, …) per second well under the 7-second latency we are conditioned to.
  • Regardless of the level of technology, whatever can connect to the internet can connect to Satori. Imagine smart cities where self-driving cars communicate with each other in real-time, eliminating traffic, accidents, parking issues, while augmenting the efficiency in disaster responsiveness.

Satori can handle this type of data stream on a global scale in real time.

  • Each node (such as your phone or computer) will host a customizable streambot that any developer is free to create. This means you as the consumer can create your own. Utilizing the LIT token, you will then be able to connect to Satori, granting access to the most advanced AI and deep learning to offer virtually unlimited options for a wide range of applications.
  • Satori will allow our society to rebuild the internet the way we want, free from media giants that currently dictate what we are allowed to see and from the government alphabet gangs that control the core servers.

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Alternative news will reign once again. Publishers will no longer rely upon advertising dollars. Artists, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs will be able to market their ideas directly to the consumer and receive fair compensation while controlling distribution. The economics of spam will no longer make sense and will cease to exist.

By harnessing the potential AI has to offer, anyone will be free to build distributed applications that until now have not been possible.

How Will the LIT Token Work?

  • Proof of Compute: Computing power will be provided by executors. Constant verification of executors and streambots will be provided by Validators. As both groups reach a consensus, they will be rewarded with LIT tokens.
  • Subscribers pay LIT tokens for access while contributors earn tokens for publishing live data from any device, creating a dynamic open marketplace.
  • Developers are encouraged to create streambots in which they can control the price. As their streambots get used, they get paid.

To find out more, visit the LIT Homepage.


* Author’s Note: I am not being paid nor receiving any kind of compensation by Hedera Hashgraph or Machinezone for writing this article. I just find this stuff fascinating. 
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