Chester, Cheshire is situated in the North of England, not far from the border with Wales.

History is everywhere!

The Tudor influence still lives on throughout the city with the black and white, half-timber style buildings seen everywhere, especially in the cities old quarters where the accessible rows are now lined with shops, boutiques and cafes.

The cities walls which are still standing today were built in Roman times and the amphitheater sits just outside them.

Chester saw a heyday during Georgian times when the upper class moved to the area to avoid the working-class people of Manchester and Liverpool.  Churches, buildings and a certain atmosphere around the city still reflect the influence of Georgian times, making it popular with British and American tourists looking for history and shopping.

Parks are dotted around Chester, a canal flows through and the River Dee flows around it, the famous Chester Zoo is also nearby.  Great for warm, sunny days.

For a cold December day, it’s better to get into the festive spirit with a visit to the Christmas market.

Not far from the Cathedral with its Christmas tree festival and alongside the high streets lined with bustling bistros you will find dozens of wooden Christmas huts selling food, drinks, decorations and gifts.

The stallholders love for you to taste their produce and so samples are available throughout.  Various cheese stalls offer a selection of speciality cheeses all made locally from matured or smoked to boozy whisky mac or Rioja wine.  They pair nicely with chilli jams from another nearby stall as you see how hot you can handle it.

Tastes of festive tipples are on offer including welsh whisky, cask matured gin and special liqueurs, all sitting waiting to tempt you alongside an array of sweet treats.

The prices throughout are all very reasonable and even the local chip shop is giving away hot chips.

You are guaranteed to leave with bags of goodies as Christmas gifts for others and for yourself.

But, don’t leave without tasting a mug of the traditional hot mulled wine.  No visit to any Christmas market is complete without one.

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