The first ever Dashcoin Conference just happened in London England, and I attended to see why Dash has just broken the top five cryptocurrencies in the word.

Here are the top four things that I took away from the 2017 Dash conference.

1. Dash is like sort of like Bitcoin, only more grown up.

Think of Bitcoin as version one of the iPhone where Dash is the new iPhone x. Part of the benefit of Bitcoin is that it has no governing body. Part of the problem with Bitcoin is that it has no governing body. Trying to fix some of the problems Bitcoin has is like trying to upgrade your first generation iPhone.

Dash fixes many of these issues by creating some clearer governing rules. Which brings me to the second thing I learned.

2. Community self-governance

One of the initial draws that Bitcoin had initially was that there was no centralized board dictating the nature of Bitcoin like a federal bank does. But there is a bit of anarchy underneath. Dash has solved this problem. There’s a board that oversees the nature and direction of Dash but does not directly dictate what Dash will do. Community input is built within its structure.

This also means that some of the issues that have made Bitcoin fork in the past few months (and will probably fork again) is solved – such as scalability.

Which leads to the third thing I found out…

3. Dash is much faster than Bitcoin for payments.

The Bitcoin transactions can take up to an hour to verify, the dash network is set up in a way that makes verification instantaneous. This makes it ideal for a peer-to-peer payment system. Nobody wants to make a payment and then wait an hour to see if it actually goes through.

4. The Dash organization funds things

Do you have that idea for a new killer app? Can you integrate Dash into it as a payment system? If you can, you can actually submit a proposal to the dash community get feedback, and ultimately get your project funded with Dash coin. Currently there are 27 million dollars a year available to people who want to create projects for the dash Network. The best part? Dash takes ZERO equity. They do this so they can fund ideas that will help the network grow.

You can find out more about Dash at

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Andros Sturgeon
Since as early as childhood, Andros has been interested in Tech. His parents wrote for such shows as “Star Trek” and “Land of the Lost.” After working 15 years in the entertainment industry, Andros left to start multimedia company Starchild Interactive. He currently started work at MobyTrader, a cryptocurrency trading tech company available in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.