Taiwanese whisky makers Kavalan, have released their first gin in a new series set for global release.

The single malt whisky from Kavalan was a favorite at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2018. It took ten awards including ‘Best in Class’ and nine Double Golds.

kavalan single malt whisky award winners san francisco world spirits competition 2018

Now the distillery’s answer to the perfect drink could lie in a gin.

The distillery is using the malted barley spirit produced for their whisky using a triple distilled distillation process in traditional copper stills. To create a refreshing, smooth and clean tasting spirit they then use a recipe consisting of six natural botanical extracts. A double charcoal filtration process completes production. The gin is bottled at 40% ABV.

Kavalan CEO Mr. YT Lee said: “We want to offer a new gin experience. That’s why along with the traditional botanicals of juniper, aniseed and coriander, we are giving a taste of Kavalan’s home in Yilan with kumquat peel, dried star fruit and red-flesh guava botanical extracts. Taiwan is the kingdom of fruits and Yilan itself is lush and wet, offering its own mouth-watering fruits.”

This is just the first release in a new series of exquisite gins to be released by Kavalan.

Its round, creamy, yet complex profile has resulted in a sipping gin and the perfect cocktail spirit.

Master Blender Ian Chang has explained the Exquisite Gins series is to celebrate experimentation and take inspiration from flavors associated with Kavalan’s Taiwanese home. He said: “After more than 10 years of making whisky, I wanted to try my hand at gin and contribute to the global Gin Renaissance. I’m very excited about crafting a unique series to showcase Kavalan distillery and Yilan and extend a warm welcome to gin drinkers.

“The smoothness of our spirit, relies on the mineral-rich water we take from Snow Mountain’s springs, so it’s fitting we pay homage to it as well as gin’s juniper on the bottle.”

Kavalan’s gin bottle has been designed to show Snow Mountain.

The juniper-blue glass symbolises the gin and the mountain water. The clear glass on top represents the process into the pure gin spirit.

kavalan gin bottle, first in series of exquisite gn series.
Kavalan Gin
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