Make olive oil or ‘shine and experience the work of locals around the world.

Olive picking in Spain’s Catalonia.

Set fifteen minutes from the Mediterranean Sea, Manna House olive and almond farm offers travelers the chance to experience the olive oil making process first hand, from tree to bottle. Each autumn, guests stay in their on-site accommodation with meals provided over the olive picking season. At the end of the stay, guests are also given their own olive oil to take away. There is also the option to join a cooking or art course.

Distilling whisky in Scotland

The Springbank Distillery in Campbeltown offers a five-day whisky school, taking guests through the whole whisky-making process from on-site floor maltings to bottling. Attendees partake in all areas of whisky making, including distillation and cask filling. It costs £1,200 including accommodation, lunches and an item of workwear.

Help conserve the National Trust properties and woodlands of England

From beaches to castles, indoors or outdoors the National Trust always have an array of opportunities. Volunteers can share their skills and learn new ones. From guiding to raft building, tree cutting or wall building. Whilst in England these are perfect. Some paid activities include accommodation in a National Trust property where volunteers stay together. There are activities for families too.

Create your own bottle of ‘Shine in North Carolina, USA

With South Mountain Distilling Co. guests have the chance to walk away with their own bottle of ‘Shine, whiskey or rum after being taken through the steps from grain to glass. Each bottle produced from the batch will have a personalized label.  This experience lasts for twelve hours including lunch and costs $199.

Wildlife conservation, farm stay and cocoa plantations

These are just some of the opportunities for people who want to see the world and feel the world when they travel. Through programmes such as Workaway, hosts can be found on every continent. Many offer free accommodation and food in exchange for a few hours work each day. Stays can be over a few days to several months.

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Jennifer Hardy
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