Today I’m excited to publish a brief Q&A session I had with Jesus Najera. I came across an article he wrote about Ripple, the company behind the cryptocurrency XRP. He has been doing a series on Medium titled, “Cryptos in 3 Mins,” which in his own words “are cryptocurrency primers dedicated to presenting cryptocurrencies solving real problems in a digestible manner.”

The Q&A below is meant to answer a few questions that he wasn’t able to touch on in his original write up. I will put a link to the original article below.

Here’s an edited version of our conversation:

Alan Percal: Can you briefly introduce yourself to our audience?

Jesus Najera: I’m the founder/CEO of SetOcean, we’re an incubator-agency focused on cryptocurrencies & mixed realities. Prior to failing forward in the tech world, I led the life of a Masters in Finance from UF Grad, trying to make it on wall street (sales & trading at JPM).

Alan Percal: I know you had to keep your initial Ripple/XRP write up under a 4 minute read, what is the most important aspect about Ripple/XRP that you were forced to leave out?

Jesus Najera: Definitely how very real the integrations of Ripple into existing institutions is already happening. It’s not this thing that’s far off into the future, many, many powerful banks (private & public) are now testing Ripple out. Do the google searches. Look at Japan & the UK.

Alan Percal: Are there any other cryptocurrencies that are competing with XRP right now? If so, which ones.

Jesus Najera: No. Or at least none that come to mind. Most cryptocurrencies are aimed at direct-to-consumer markets. Ripple & XRP is strictly enterprise.

Alan Percal: Final question, if you had to take a guess at what XRP will be trading at in a year from now, what would that guess be? (for reference, XRP currently trades at about $0.17/coin)

Jesus Najera: I’m 95% confident it’ll be anywhere between $0.0005 & $1.50.

Alan Percal: Thank you for your time!

You can view Jesus’ full article here and his Medium homepage with additional content here.