No matter what industry your business is in, sales and promotions are an essential part of keeping your customers happy! How many times have you wanted to make a purchase but decided to pass because it would cost you the regular retail value? The average consumer has experienced this numerous times. Sure if you truly want an item or service you may go ahead with the purchase, but how much better would your shopping experience be if you received a great deal on it?

Even down to things that we actually need versus want, sales definitely make a difference. Not only do consumers who feel as though they’re saving tend to purchase more, they feel less guilty overall after they’ve made the purchase. The last thing that you want is for your customers, especially your usual customers, to feel like their business isn’t appreciated, and like shopping with you isn’t valued.

As business owners, we often like for customers to return, give good reviews, and refer – for free. But what are we as business owners willing to give in return for this type of loyalty, or even to attract more customers? Creativity plays a major part in how you can incorporate sales or special promotions into your business – no matter what type of business you have.

Think about what your customers would benefit the most from. If you have regulars perhaps give those who provide their email address with a discount each purchase, this is commonly known as a loyalty program. This lets your customers know that you appreciate them constantly choosing you. For instances where business is less consistent try an open house where you’re having a sale on all of your products or services that day. This works because first impressions are essential, and new customers get a warm welcome.

Lastly, for the things you’d like customers to do automatically, like referrals, offer an incentive. You can even target a certain type of customer, like a small business package at a reduced price just for the entrepreneurs who patronize you. In general, it can only help your business to have special promotions – because no one turns down a sale.