I recently started to see a lot of posts in Facebook groups claiming the ability to make free money.  Usually, something along the lines of “Invest $550 and withdraw $7500 weekly”. Anybody with half a brain would dismiss this as spam and move on, which is exactly what I did for the longest time. Until now.

On the evening of October 29, 2017, I decided to invest about two hours of my time in order to put together the following story – partly to generate awareness, but mainly for the entertainment of you readers.

It all starts with the solicitation.


You can expect a message immediately after your comment on the post.



And the fun begins.



The scammers have absolutely zero regrets/consciousness/whatever you want to call it. Willing to take my $700 that I’ve been “saving up for serval years”.



This is where it gets fun. She (but probably actually a “he” as we are going to see later) has to scramble to find someone to vouch.



“Quin Amanda Iv” quickly reaches out via messenger.



This isn’t a teaser, we actually engage in a verbal conversation.  Keep reading.



I can’t help but laugh at the anger and defensiveness of “Quin”. I’m not sure if that’s funnier than the incredible spelling and grammar we have seen.



And, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Our phone call below starts at about the 20-second mark.




And in case you want one final kicker. Here is the website they are trying to get people to use: VISIT AT OWN RISK-Tradewayopt. It looks like a toddler created it.


Have you had an experience like this? Would love to hear your story below.