If you think that using sunscreen is all it takes for glowing, youthful skin… think again. Eating the right foods will give you an additional and effective weapon against aging. Add the following five foods to your diet for best results.


1. Say yes to eggs. They are high in lysine and proline, the antioxidants that form collagen. And don’t be afraid of the yolk – it contains B12 and other hydrating elements that help fight wrinkles.

Suggestion: Try baked eggs with spinach, a recipe used in ancient Greece.


2. Eat your vegetables! Dark leafy green vegetables like spinach are full of ingredients to keep your skin firm, not sagging. Research indicates that they can also give your skin a sunkissed glow without the damage associated with sitting in the sun.

Suggestion: Try blending spinach, kale, mint, pineapple and coconut water for an extra boost.


3. Add chia seeds to everything. Not only do chia seeds give your food some crunch, but they also are extremely beneficial to your skin. In fact, just two tablespoons of chia seeds provide your body with 5,000mg of Omega 3 fatty acids, which support your skin’s natural defenses and keep it hydrated.

Suggestion: Sprinkle one tablespoon over grapefruit or oatmeal.


4. Choose the better butter. Almond butter gives you 50% of your daily vitamin E requirements in two tablespoons. Vitamin E reverses the free radical damage that causes aging and skin cancer.

Suggestion: The best combination is almond butter with honey.


5. Make a watermelon fruit salad. Watermelon hydrates your skin like no other. Complete your creation by adding peaches, melon and strawberries.

Suggestion: Chop up your fruit, mix in some mint and drizzle lime juice over it all.