New Year resolutions tend to become a hot topic as we wrap up 2017, we discuss them with friends, family, at work and sometimes we even write about them. A lot of the time they’re conversation fillers with no intention for following through, but for at least 45% of us it’s a serious declaration of change. Sadly however, a study by the University of Scranton showed that only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s goals. Being an advocate of change, I was shocked by this figure and decided to share with you some tips on setting achievable goals.

Get Clear

Start by wording your goal positively, i.e. instead of ‘I want to stop eating red meat’, use ‘I want a healthier diet’. Now get clear on how this will make you feel, because knowing your core desires helps you stay on track.

Get Real

We often make grandiose statements about the changes we wish to make, such as, ‘I’m going to start jogging everyday’, which only serve to overwhelm us. Start small and slowly increase your activity.

Get On With It

Consistency is key to achieving anything! Create time in your schedule for the tasks you need to do and get your discipline on, you’ll be amazed by the results and the confidence that’ll inspire.

Get Motivated

We all have times when we want to slack off, so it’s really useful to have some motivation tactics up your sleeve. If, like me, you enjoy ‘daydreaming’ then try visualizations. Vision boards are also good for keeping focus and you can get them as an app. A tracker to mark off your achievement allows you to see your progress, and helps remind you  to reward yourself regularly for doing a great job. Another favourite of mine are affirmations; I record mine and listen to them on a daily basis, but you can write them on post it notes and keep them where you’ll see them every day.

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