Do you drive for Uber & Lyft? If the answer is “Yes”, my second question is, ”Are you aware of their driver insurance policy?” If not, read on to keep yourself up-to-date. Even if you are, there is no harm in a refresher.

What Happens To Your Personal Auto Policy?

Personal Care

First and foremost, the moment you log on to the app to drive for either Uber or Lyft, your personal auto insurance policy ceases to be in effect. However, this is only until you log out of the ridesharing app. This happens because of an exclusion of long standing. The exclusion states, your personal auto insurance policy will not cover the transporting of passengers for a fee.

Uber & Lyft Driver Insurance Coverage

Both ridesharing giants, Uber & Lyft, provide insurance coverage to their drivers. This coverage is in effect only for the duration the driver is logged into the ridesharing app. The coverage is provided in three phases –

Phase 1 – Available But Not Accepted Passenger

This is an area of gap coverage provided to the driver. At this point in time, the driver has signed into the app and declared he is free to drive, but not accepted any passengers. The insurance coverage that is in effect at this time is $100,000 for liability and $25,000 for property damage. The catch is that driver’s own vehicle has no cover what-so-ever.

Phase2 & 3 – Acceptance & Hauling Of Passengers

Once the driver has accepted a passenger to the time the passenger vacates the vehicle there is a liability insurance cover of $1,000,000. And another one million for the injuries caused. In case of damage to the driver’s own vehicle, there is a deductible of one thousand dollars.

In Case Of An Accident


  • Check that you are not hurt.
  • Check your passengers for any injuries.
  • Make a list of all the symptoms shown by them.
  • Call emergency services by dialing 911.
  • Take a picture of the driver’s license and number plate if another vehicle is involved in the accident.
  • Finally, report the accident to your ridesharing company.

Have all your papers in order. Well informed is forewarned.

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