As people worldwide prepare for the craic and shenanigans of St. Patrick’s Day Irish bars will be filled and costumes or green accessories purchased. What almost everyone has in common when it comes to this favorite Saint day is that there is drinking involved and a lot of it.

What will you be drinking this St. Patrick’s Day?


The history of Guinness begins in 1759 when Arthur Guinness of Celbridge, County Kildare inherited £100 from his godfather, Archbishop Price. Using the money to set up his own ale brewery in Leixlip, he later braved the move to the capital city of Dublin in 1759, when he signed a nine thousand years lease for St. James’s Gate.

It wasn’t until years later that their black beer developed into the popular and much-loved stout that we all drink today.

In 1861 after the death of Prince Albert, a London bartender created the Black Velvet. Made by half filling a flute of champagne and layering the Guinness to sit on the top half it was created to reflect the cities mood at that time.

Guinness can often be used in recipes and cocktails.

Fat Frog:

Best made in a pitcher, this much loved and very green cocktail is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

Using a standard 275ml bottle of Smirnoff Ice, orange Bacardi Breezer and blue WKD pour them all together into the pitcher and watch as they turn bright green. Top up with ice and it’s ready to pour.

The outcome is a very sweet, yet fun cocktail and it will also work with other similar drinks.


Irish whiskey is generally light and enjoyable though it comes in many forms with Jameson being one of the most popular whiskies around the world. Jameson is perfect for making Irish coffees.

The oldest distillery in Ireland is Kilbeggan, established in 1757. They are the producers of different brands including the Tyrconnell single malt and the most popular Irish peated whiskey of Connemara.

The famous cream liqueur of Bailey’s is also a product of Ireland, made with an Irish whiskey base and cream.

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