Simple yet critical advice for getting as many vitamins as you can from the fruits and vegetables you are consuming daily.

Vitamins comprise basic elements of food and are the key to most metabolic functions. Without them there is no life and even small deficiencies can severely impact your system. Most experts recommend consuming foods rich in vitamins like fruits and vegetables. However, sometimes the way food is cooked or prepared can significantly influence its vitamin content. This is caused by the fact that many of these critical vitamins, like vitamin C, B complex vitamins and antioxidants are sensitive to light, heat air and can be destroyed very easily. They may even be lost by becoming diluted in water during the boiling process. So if you want to maximize your benefit from eating fruits and vegetables make sure you take the appropriate measures.

  • Prefer vegetables raw
  • Choose steamed instead of boiled vegetables
  • Don’t boil vegetables for too long
  • Don’t use too much water to boil vegetables
  • Eat fruit immediately after washing
  • Drink juice immediately after making it
  • Never store vegetables without their skins or chopped in smaller pieces (whether in the fridge or not)
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Christine Johnson
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