We all believe we’re grateful beings, and we are, but how deep is our gratitude? If I asked you to list 5 things for which you’re grateful, there’s a high probability that you’ll list 5 things which you see as s positive in your life. It’s rare for us to name a person or situation on a gratitude list that we feel is a negative influence.

Have you ever been grateful for a perceived crisis in your life, such as losing your bank card, missing a flight, a relationship breakdown, a loss of income, ill health, and so on? It often happens that once the crisis is over we can look back with gratitude, but not while we’re living it.

The Art Of Gratitude

Remember the law of polarity – as above as is below? Gratitude works in this way too, the art of gratitude is to be grateful for when things are good as well as, if not especially when things aren’t so good. For if gratitude attracts more things to be grateful for, then surely it’s most needed when we feel there isn’t a lot to be grateful for.

Hardships are a constant part of life for all of us to a varying degree. Without them, we would not learn about ourselves, our world, and those who inhabit it. We don’t always get what we want but we always get what we need, and this is an inartistic part of our growth as humans. In order for us to revel in our joy, we must acknowledge and accept our pain first.

Pain is only one facet of your multifaceted self and to avoid it is like trying to avoid yourself, which is nigh on impossible because it’ll always be vying for your attention. Gratitude for any kind of pain in your life leads to acceptance and that’s the key to letting go and truly moving on from that pain.

If you’re struggling with an issue, or just curious, contact me, I’ll d help you or guide you to where you can find the help you need.

In light and love.

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