When it comes to writing the content for an ad on the internet you need to be extra careful in the use of keywords. This is mainly because the wrong choices will prove to be a very costly mistake in the long run. Keywords should be such that increase your visibility in the search engines. Now, all the common ones have already been exploited within a hair’s breadth. And the long-tailed ones bring every Tom, Dick, and Harry to your doorstep. So what do you do to make your content or ads visible to only the true prospects? Well, the answer is pretty simple – “Use negative keywords”.

Why Negative Keywords?…They will restrict my business

Not at all. What negative keywords actually do is filter out and prevent your ads from popping for certain phrases or words. These restricting phrases or words are known as Negative Keywords. The advantage of using them is that now your website will only be visited by those leads who have a higher chance of converting into customers.

An example for better understanding…

You provide mutual fund services in Texas only. Ideally, your website will receive heavy traffic if people type “mutual funds” or “financial services” as keywords. However, most of them will not even meet the criteria of location and some would be looking for investment options other than mutual funds. So, you can use negative keywords to filter out all locations except Texas and similarly, filter out other financial instruments other than mutual funds. This will lead only the most promising prospects to your doorstep. You land up paying far less as you successfully sieved out all the irrelevant clicks.

How To Use Negative Keywords

Every platform that has an “Ad Manager” has a tab to choose the target audience. It is here in the targeting tab that you can find an option for negative keywords.

You can use negative keywords…

  • Prior to launching a PPC ad campaign.
  • Even when the campaign goes live.
  • Continuously through the life-cycle of the campaign.

Benefits of Using Negative Keywords

  • Improved conversion rates.
  • Better CTR.
  • Good Quality Score.

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