Miso – The Asian Classic

Miso is an ingredient found in almost every Japanese recipe. Here’s how you can use it too.

The Japanese love it and it is the most powerful ingredient of the macrobiotic diet. It’s rich aroma and taste result in it being added to so many dishes. Miso, or soybean paste, is full of valuable probiotics and adds savory, sweet and spicy flavors to just about any food imaginable. You can use red miso – it undergoes a lengthier fermentation process – to achieve a caramel and nutty flavor and white miso for a salty, umami-filled taste. You will find it in Asian markets and bio delis. Here are some ideas for using it at home:

Add to cheese sauce:

Add a little miso to a pan with mozzarella, goat cheese or cheddar and let them melt slowly. Use this as a dip or add some white wine to the mixture and pour over vegetables.

Spice up salad dressing:

Blend vinegar, miso, chopped onion and olive oil together to make a spicy salad dressing.

Photo: Huffington Post

Make miso soup with vegetables:

Combine white and red miso, then add Worcestershire sauce and let simmer. Add vegetables like carrots, corn, and potatoes. You may also add tofu or small pieces of cooked pork. Finish it off with sesame oil and coriander.

Marinate salmon for intensity:

Spread miso over the salmon and marinate in your refrigerator overnight. Then wipe the fish clean and bake.

Remember, Miso is a great source of vitamins and minerals including vitamins E, K, some B vitamins and folic acid. Since Miso has undergone fermentation, it is also good for your gut and provides you with beneficial bacteria that helps you stay healthy.

SOURCEPhoto: Dr. Weil
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