Want to be healthier and slimmer? Instead of detoxing your body, try detoxing your kitchen!

The first step to a healthy way of life is to transform your relationship with food. In order for this to happen it is critical to detox your kitchen from the toxins lurking there. Food that leads to weight gain, harmful snacks and processed foods all have to go. Once you have laid the foundation in your refrigerator and cupboards, you will be surprised at how easy it is for your body to follow suit!

1. What needs to go

Processed and canned foods: Be weary of anything with a long list of ingredients indicating additional processing.  

Ready-made sauces: Pasta sauces, sandwich condiments and salad dressings all contain huge quantities of salt and sugar, both devastating to your health. And why pay all that money anyway for something you can easily make at home?

2. Always be ready!

To reduce the temptation for delivery or takeout, never be left without supplies at home. Specifically, always be sure you have protein handy because it keeps you feeling fuller longer and fights off cravings. You should also always say yes to vegetables and salads in all colors and forms. Buy different vegetables each week so that you don’t get bored with the same old food.

3. Less really is more

If the packaging is screaming your name and makes grand promises, avoid it. Authentic and healthy food seldom needs publicity. Take the avocado, for example. Is there ever a label on it that boasts about it being good for the heart? Also remember that fewer ingredients are better. If the list is too long, it’s best to leave it on the shelf.

4. Small changes get the job done

Keeping yourself in check does not require huge sacrifices and dramatic changes. Certain small steps done many times over are enough for you to see important improvements. Consistency is the key.