As the Age of Automation and robotics rapidly advances, the topic of providing a universal basic income continues to gain traction.

No industry is safe. A procedure that takes our most talented brain surgeons 2 hours to complete can be performed in 2.5 minutes by robots. Remember that movie Minority Report? The notion that future crime can be predicted? That is now happening as crime analysts are being replaced by artificial intelligence.

How will we survive as every industry continues to transition over to robotics?

The answer is through the data we are constantly generating.

“Everybody has the potential to have commercial value.”

Brian Wassom, a partner at international business law firm Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP.

Our personal information is now considered one the world’s most valuable commodities. As of now 5 corporations harvest all of our data and reap all of the benefits, completely cutting us out of the loop. Streamr changes all of that, restoring rightful authority over how are data is used back into our hands with the ability to monetize.

“Streamr tokenizes streaming data to enable a new way for machines & people to trade it on a decentralized P2P network.”

To incentivize user participation in the network, there’s a built-in mechanism for data monetization through the DATAcoin (DATA). Valuable data from security exchanges, connected devices, IoT sensors, and social media can be offered to companies, developers, and private citizens. Network nodes also earn DATAcoin in exchange for the bandwidth and validation that they provide.

Both machines and humans can autonomously sell their data, get paid, and purchase the data they require – a perfect solution to providing all with universal basic income.

Best of all, you do not need to know how to code. Streamr provides a platform that is friendly to all.

“… we want to be the place to go for anyone who’s in the business of creating data-driven decentralized services.” – Streamr

You can access their Whitepaper here.

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