Welcome to the new year. If you haven’t smelled it already, there’s change in the air. Bitcoin is becoming a subconscious meme. No conversation goes without its mention. We are in the becoming of the mass adoption. Let everyone you know how you made 1000% profits off a 33$ ICO. How and Why we are in this. You know that the tides are changing. The emperor has lost his clothes. We are witnessing the awakening to the state of affairs.

There is no addressing the root of any problem without going to the cause of it. Endless creation of any item without an intrinsic value does not make that item have value by default. We can FOMO and FUD all we want but our initial investment is one of ideology. Adoption in a new way of how to interact with value. If our interest represents what our monetary power can do, then we can do anything. Why would we need central orders of authority?

The only reason why anyone deals with the already existing infrastructures in place is that there is no other option.

Until now.

Through the idea set in motion with Bitcoin, that exchanges can be open, there is now an actual immediately auditable record of anyone’s transactions. That means we can ultimately be fully revealed in our already heavily surveilled state or we can entirely survey said the state in it’s every transaction.

Full disclosure and unavoidable accountability.

If such things as taxes should be paid to build a road, then an offer to vote should fund the actual building of it. Through cryptocurrency, our money becomes our medium and our collective interest is what moves a project from an idea to its realization.

It’s up to the rest of us to wake up and realize what’s going on and get on with it. Our power doesn’t belong in the hands of a few who can create imaginary threats to the holding of our value. We create value from our very being, in our actions, it’s how we dream. As long as we keep building our future. It won’t be built for us.

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